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Here’s a proposed chiasmus for the book of James by Cristina Conti.  I found it on Peter J. Leithart’s web site

Conti’s article is translated here by Google.

(To be honest, I haven’t thoroughly checked it out – but it looks like it has potential!)


A. Joy in trial, 1:2-8

B. Rich fade, 1:9-11

C. Lustfulness, 1:12-15

D. Perfect Gift, 1:16-25

E. Restraining the tongue, 1:26

F. Religion in deed, 1:27

G. Distinctions of rich and poor, 2:1-13

F’. Faith in works, 2:14-26

E’. Restraining the tongue, 3:1-12

D’. Wisdom as perfect gift, 3:13-18

C’. Lustfulness and sin, 4:1-12

B’. Ways of the rich, 4:13-5:6

A’. Patience in suffering, 5:7-20

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