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Here’s a brief chiastic lay-out of the Psalm:

A  Nations – Judah, Israel

B  Religion – Location:  Salem, Zion, tabernacle, dwelling place

C  War to Peace – war ends, ‘weapons broken’:  Selah

D God honoured.

E  Soldiers stopped – sank into ‘sleep’

F  Center Visual:  no fighting, peace  –  And none of the warriors could use his hands

E’  Soldiers stopped –  cast into ‘sleep’

D’ God honoured.

C’  War to Peace – war ends, “the earth … was still”:  Selah

B’  Religion – Practice:  praise, vows, bringing gifts to God

A’  Nations – princes, kings of the earth



Psalm 76:

1  (For the choir director; on stringed instruments. A Psalm of Asaph, a Song.)

A    God is known in Judah; His name is great in Israel.

B    2  And His tabernacle is in Salem; His dwelling place also is in Zion.

C    3  There He broke the flaming arrows, The shield, and the sword, and the weapons of war.    Selah.

D    4  Thou art resplendent, More majestic than the mountains of prey.

E    5  The stouthearted were plundered;  /  They sank into sleep;

F    And none of the warriors could use his hands.

E’   6  At Thy rebuke, O God of Jacob,  /  Both rider and horse were cast into a dead sleep.

D’   7  Thou, even Thou, art to be feared;

C’   And who may stand in Thy presence when once Thou art angry?  8  Thou didst cause judgment to be heard from heaven; The earth feared, and was still,  9  When God arose to judgment, To save all the humble of the earth.    Selah.   

B’   10  For the wrath of man shall praise Thee; With a remnant of wrath Thou shalt gird Thyself.  11  Make vows to the LORD your God and fulfill them; Let all who are around Him bring gifts to Him who is to be feared.

A’   12  He will cut off the spirit of princes; He is feared by the kings of the earth.


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