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Mitch Chase has written a post about The Beatitudes, pointing out that they are “carefully organized”:

Are these eight beatitudes randomly arranged? No, they are thoughtfully and carefully organized, and several literary clues will help us admire Matthew’s arrangement of them. Below are six structural observations that some New Testament scholars have made about Matthew 5:3-10.

His sixth point is that The Beatitudes have been chiastically arranged:

…  Sixth, the beatitudes fall into an interesting chiastic pattern according to tense:

  • Verb in present tense (v. 3)
  •           Future divine passive (v. 4)
  •                     Future active with object (v. 5)
  •                               Future divine passive (v. 6)
  •                               Future divine passive (v. 7)
  •                     Future middle with object (v. 8)
  •           Future divine passive (v. 9)
  • Verb in present tense (v. 10)


I would encourage you to go to Mitch’s blog to discover his other five interesting “structural observations”.


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