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Robert L. Alden paper on chiasmi in Psalm 1-50:  Chiastic Psalms (I), Psalms 51-100:  Chiastic Psalms (II) and Psalm 101-150:  Chiastic Psalms (III) .

Numerous chiasmi are given.

E.g., here’s one from Chiastic Psalms (II):

Psalm 52:1b-5a

A    God’s grace is continual (v.1b)

    B    “Your tongue works deceitfully”

        C    “You love evil”

            D    Lying (Selah)

        C’   “You love devouring words”

    B’   “You deceitful tongue

A’   “God will destroy you forever”  (Selah)

E.g., here’s one from Chiastic Psalms (III):

Isaiah 1:18

A    If be your sins

    B1    like scarlet

    B2    like snow

        C    they shall be white;

        C    if they be red

    B1    like crimson

    B2    like wool

A    they shall be

His conclusion from Chiastic Psalms (III):

“The only point this paper seeks to make is the same point my two previous studies on the subject sought to make – namely, that consciously or unconsciously many of the Psalms were written in a chiastic pattern.  While it is commonplace to find chiasmi within individual verses, the discovery or them in larger blocks of material only augments one’s appreciation of the literary genius that produced the Hebrew Scriptures.

This is not an effort to affect the interpretation and certainly is not a device for determining glosses, rearranging verse order or emending the text.  It can, on the contrary, be a powerful argument for the integrity and unity of some of the Psalms I have treated.  Also I hope it can evoke a new appreciation for the ancient poets who gave us this body of spiritual hymns, songs, meditations and poems.”

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