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Just thought I would mention the 1984 Ronald E. Man article, “The Value of Chiasm for New Testament Interpretation” – available online.  The paper contains a number of nice chiasmi. 

Eventually I would like to place some of the chiasmi on this blog.


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Chiasmus was not used exclusively by Biblical writers.  It was used by others as well. 

John W. Welch‘s book ”Chiasmus in Antiquity” is an excellent book for viewing possible chiastic structures from cultures outside of Israel.  It’s a good starting point for understanding chiasmus outside of the Bible.

Here are the chapter titles:

I particularly enjoy Welch’s cover which features the following chiastically arranged artwork.  Nice … :

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Recommended readings:

A good overview of Chiasmus:

 Chiasmus: An Important Structural Device, by Brad McCoy

Recommended sites:

Lists of possible Biblical Chiasmi:

          – ‘In the Beginning’ website’s lists:

–  Smaller selection  –  though still substantial.

–  Larger bibliography

–  Here’s a book by John Welch, written in 1998, which lists many possible chiasmi:  Chiasmus Bibliography (link goes to Amazon.com)

–  International Society for the Study of Biblical and Semetic Rhetoric:

–  By Author

–  By Biblical Book

–  Rhetorical Criticism of the Bible: a Comprehensive Bibliography with Notes

–  Dr. Mardy.com  –  on the lighter side.




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