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I like this little chiasmus.  I like that B and B’ have Jesus and Christ written chiastically (reversing):   B  Jesus Christ;  B’  Christ Jesus.  The ‘center is also quite strong:   E  suffer hardship;  F  imprisonment;  F’  imprisoned;  E’  “endure all things”.  F and F’ make a fairly strong center, focusing on the specific of Paul’s suffering:  “imprisonment as a criminal”.  In contrast, God’s word (message) cannot be imprisoned.  The world of the flesh and the world of the Spirit are two different things. 

Note also how the chiasmus moves from past to present to future things. 

Overall, an enjoyable little chiasmus.



A    [Me: Looking to the Past:]  8  Remember   

B    a    Jesus    b    Christ,

C    risen from the dead,

D    descendant of David – according to my gospel

E    9  for which I suffer hardship

F    even to imprisonment as a criminal;

F’   but the word of God is not imprisoned.

E’   10  For this reason I endure all things

D’   for the sake of those who are chosen,

C’   that they also may obtain the salvation

B’   which is in    b’    Christ    a’    Jesus

A’    [Me: Looking to the Future:]  and with it eternal glory.



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