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The fear of symmetry. 

Here and here.



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Blurb – Why do I do this?



That’s a good question.  Doing a blog like this does take some time and effort.  E.g., research.  It’s work.

I suppose there’s a number of reasons I do it:

1).  I like to think that by discovering a chiasmus, where a chiasmus exists, a person is getting closer to the mind of the original author.  I like that idea.  I like the idea of ‘getting into the authors head’.  Getting to his original intent.  His original vision.  Seeing – if you will – how he/she was thinking. 

2).  I like the beauty of chiasmi.  I find it aesthetically pleasing – just as, I’m sure, they did.  …  It’s nice stuff.  It’s artful.

3).  I like the process of discovery.  Looking for clues; working them through; finding the patterns.  It can be a bit of a challenge and I like that.

4).  I hope that others might find at least some of this pleasing and helpful. 


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Blurb – Linked

Inthebeginning.org, a site with a nice selection of chiasmi, has placed my little chiasmus blog on their “Helpful Links” page.  Nice.  Thank you.

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I thought I would add a new category to my blog:  Blurbs.  These will be relatively short, informal, diverse thoughts regarding my blog and chiasmi in general. 

This is my first blurb  …  we’ll see how the they go.  😉

At the beginning I was primarily blogging my own chiastic discoveries, but lately I’ve been posting chiasmi by others.  I think this will be the trend for the future.

My ‘lot’ – which had been developed over a number of years – has been blown.

Of course, I could always discover some more.  🙂

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